Baby Lock Vibrant

Baby Lock Vibrant



Thread Serging – Finish all your projects with quality and versatility – easily switch from 4-thread, 3-thread, 2-thread and rolled hemming for a different look and finish every time.

Differential Feed – Want to add gathers to your next project? Vibrant’s differential feed allows you to increase or decrease the fullness in the fabric, making sewing easier on tricky fabrics.

Easy Color-Coded Threading – New to serging? Don’t be afraid! Following Vibrant’s color-coded thread system, you’ll have your serger threaded in no time at all!

Retractable Thread Cutter with Push Lever – Forget fumbling with scissors, Vibrant features a thread cutter that pops up with just a quick push.

Trim Bin – What mess? Attach this handy bin to the front of the Vibrant and those loose threads and scraps are caught right up as they fall.

Lay-In Tensions – Use Vibrant’s easily adjustable tension settings for a truly balanced stitch every time you serge.

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