Sherri Stratton

Sherri Stratton is the owner of Serge A Lot, a sewing machine and vacuum retail store in San Francisco, CA. As a child, she learned to sew while living in Upstate New York during a big snow storm. Trying to … Read More

Lynda Maynard

Lynda Maynard has enjoyed a 35 year career that highlights a wide array of experience in varying contexts of working with fashion. She’s brought a passion for fashion to countless classrooms spanning the past 12 years and, during that time, … Read More

Berna Alvarado

Berna is a San Francisco seamstress with decades of experience. She has been sewing since age nine and has sewn women’s clothing, hats, and bags, costumes for dance and theater, soft goods for the home including pillows and cushions, window … Read More